Our Founder's Journey


Throughout her illustrious career, Candy has been a driving force in the recruitment industry, making a significant impact on the organisations she served. Her passion for connecting top-tier talent with the right opportunities and her commitment to excellence have earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in the field. Fuelled by the ambition to create a more personalized and client-focused approach to recruitment, Candy took the leap and founded Kleos Recruitment. Prior to founding Kleos, Candy was a Regional Director and Regional CEO at two global leading recruitment companies.

Testimonial 1

Candy is an utmost professional individual who thinks wide, meticulous and genuinely caring. She picks up the details one typically would miss, and is always prepared, anticipates multiple steps ahead and approaches all topics with thoughtfulness and maturity. It was an absolute pleasure and honour working with Candy and I would recommend her to any organization looking for a dependable asset, contributor and team player.

Testimonial 2

My previous engagement with Candy, and the team she led at LVI, was gainful. She maneuvered well between client and candidate needs, sincerely delivering a good outcome. Candy is thorough, great at follow-ups and nice to deal with. Most importantly, beyond the business of general recruitment, she understands the people and companies in the APAC renewable energy industry better than most.

Testimonial 3

Candy knows the Fintech ecosystem in Asia very well. She is very well networked and has her finger on the pulse of existing companies here and those are considering expanding here. V thorough and helpful in her approach. I would work with her again.

Testimonial 4

Candy understands our business and her approach to supporting senior and technical hires has always been strategic. Her experience and background has surely contributed to her continued success. Really fortunate to have met Candy and wish her success always.
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