At Kleos Recruitment, our dedication to connecting exceptional talent with leading companies.
We take pride in serving a diverse range of clients, from innovative startups through SMEs to MNCs.
Our vast client portfolio spans various industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Fintech, Renewable Energy, and Technology.

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Why Work with Us

On average, companies interview over 10 candidates before making a hiring decision, resulting in 30 to 40 hours spent on the interviewing process.

Assuming that your hiring manager’s output is valued at 200,000 USD for your business each month, your company is spending 97,200 USD by having your hiring managers conduct candidate interviews. Moreover, this process takes valuable hours away from these managers' daily tasks, potentially reducing their overall effectiveness at work.

Our mission is simple: We help businesses in curating a list of vetted candidates, saving your company’s Time , Resources, and Money in the long run.

Focus on Your Business, Leave Recruitment to the Experts.

How to Start

Simple Steps to Start Partnering with Us

Project Initiation

Book a complimentary consultation with our specialist


Talent Mapping

Our specialist will curate a vetted shortlist based on your requirements



Constant feedback to streamline the process



We will be there for you at every step of the way providing you insights to the interview process and feedback from the candidates


Offer Management

We will manage the entire negotiation process and ensure that you secure the best talent


Onboarding & Retention

Smooth onboarding process and regular follow-up contacts for maximised return.

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