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At Kleos Recruitment, we believe that our team is the driving force behind our success, and we are constantly on the lookout for great talent to join our mission. If you identify yourself as hardworking, professional, and outspoken, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey with us.

Why Choose Kleos

Dynamic and Inclusive Culture

At Kleos, we foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected. We encourage open communication and believe that every team member's voice matters.


Well-Defined Career Path

We understand that each individual's career aspirations are unique. That's why we offer a well-defined career path that provides opportunities for growth and advancement. Your dedication, performance, and contributions will be recognized and rewarded as you progress through the ranks.


Fair and Merit-Based Environment

At Kleos, we are committed to providing a fair and merit-based environment for all team members. Your growth will be based on your skills, accomplishments, and potential, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


Continuous Learning and Development

We invest in the professional development of our team members. Through training programs, workshops, and mentorship, we empower you to enhance your skills and stay at the forefront of the recruitment industry.

Defined Career Path at Kleos
  • Associate As an Associate, you will be an integral part of our recruitment team, assisting in candidate sourcing, screening, and client coordination. This role is ideal for individuals starting their career in recruitment.
  • Senior Associate With experience and demonstrated performance, you can progress to the role of Senior Associate. Here, you will take on more responsibilities, manage client relationships, and contribute to the growth of our business.
  • Principal As a Principal, you will become a subject matter expert in your domain. You will lead recruitment projects, mentor junior team members, and play a crucial role in strategic decision-making.
  • Senior Principal The Senior Principal role is reserved for top performers with significant expertise and leadership skills. You will lead major client engagements, drive business development, and contribute to the company's overall success.
  • Associate Director As an Associate Director, you will take on broader responsibilities, overseeing multiple recruitment teams and projects. You will play a key role in shaping the company's strategy and growth.
  • Director Directors are strategic leaders who drive the vision and mission of Kleos Recruitment. You will be responsible for managing key client relationships, driving innovation, and guiding the organization towards continued success.
  • Managing Director As a MD, you will be a key member of the executive leadership team, driving the company's overall strategy, growth, and financial performance.

At Kleos Recruitment, we recognize that our team’s growth is integral to our success as an organization. If you are ambitious, dedicated, and ready to make an impact in the world of recruitment, we invite you to explore opportunities with us. Let’s shape the future together and unlock your true potential at Kleos Recruitment!

Open Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for our expanding business and are looking for a Principal/Senior Principal (x2 headcount) and a Marketing Intern to join us.

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